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We have many more assistive devices to choose from.  Each device is ordered when selected.

Your hearing protection is important.  We provide hearing protection molded to fit you for comfort, longer wear and ultimate protection from damaging sound levels.

We have many different sizes of earmolds for behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids.  Our earmolds come in many different colors and materials.


Audiology and Hearing Aids

We provide molded swim plugs for the casual swimmer or competitive swimmer.  Molded swim plugs will keep water out of the ears to protect from swimmers ear and to protect those with tubes.

Our Stethoscope molds are excellent for the medical professional who desires the maximum comfort throughout the day of constant use of a stethoscope.  They are molded to fit the ears and are easily taken in and out of the ear.

Assistive Listening Devices

We provide many variations of hearing protection for musicians from specialty earplugs and many colorful earmolds for monitors. Just ask us we will find what you need as a musician.

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Our shooters plugs provide confortable hearing protection for the avid  sport shooter or hunter. We have many designs and colors to choose from. We will find what is right for you.