Audiology and Hearing Aids

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Powerful 2.4 GHz direct streaming through TwinLink ensures hassle-free connectivity with modern devices.

Opn Wireless Connectivity

Made for iPhone hearing aid

(Our Feature Hearing Aid)

Oticon Hearing Products

Open up to your hearing environment

Revolutionary technology can help your brain to hear more naturally.


  • Open Sound Navigator-scans and balances all the sounds in the environment, and removes disturbing noise.
  • Spacial Sound LX- allows you to hear in 3D so you can follow conversations that come from different directions in a room.
  • Speech Guard LX-Works like a shield to protect the clarity of speech, even in noisy environment.
  • YouMatic LX-Enables Oticon hearing instruments to be finely tuned to match you unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences.


  • Preserves the important details in speech. 30% better speech understanding.
  • Reduces the effort involved in listening. Reduce your listening effort by 20%.
  • Improves your recall of conversation. Remember 20% more of your conversations.
  • Helps your ears work together to identify where sound is coming from.
  • Takes your personal listening preferences into account.