Complete Hearing Evaluations- Hearing loss is a very complex medical condition. We do complete hearing evaluations on each new patient including air conduction, bone conduction and speech testing in our sound proof booth.

Consultations- Following your complete hearing evaluation we will review the results with you and discuss options for your hearing needs.  We see each patient as an individual and know everyone has different needs for their hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluations- Hearing aids do not just make sounds louder. They are complicated medical devices that should be programmed and fitted especially for you. Taking into account your hearing loss, your individual needs and your desires for cosmetic concerns we will help you determine what hearing aid is best for you. Our advice and suggestions ultimately are based on your needs and desires.

Hearing Aid Fittings and Follow Ups- When your hearing aids come in we will have a fitting date where we will show you how to use your hearing aid and how to care for your hearing aid.  We follow up with you and keep in touch with you during trial period. Once you are a patient in our office we encourage you to help us understand how your hearing aid fitting is going.  You are welcome to call us with any concerns, adjustments and cleanings.  You are never put on hold. We will see you immediately if possible and in most cases within a day. We want you to be able to take care of your new hearing aids and will teach you how to use them in a way that allows you to get the most out of them. Changes to your hearing aids may be made at your follow up appointments to help you hear better.

Repairs on most makes and models-We repair most makes and models in office or sent to our reliable and knowledgeable repair labs. Our hearing experts can do many in office repairs.  If your hearing aid is not working like it did when it was new just bring it to us and our experienced hearing experts will check it and advise you.

Earmolds- Our experienced staff will take an impression of your ear to send to our earmold lab that will build the earmold you need for your behind-the-ear or receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids. Earmolds can be ordered in many styles, colors, and sizes,  The best earmold for you will be determined by your needs and desires.

Hearing Protection- We have many different types of hearing protection available.  If you participate in sport shooting, work around noise, are a musician or work with loud equipment we can supply you with the hearing protection you need.  The molded hearing protection is comfortable and will protect your hearing depending on your needs.

Swim Plugs- Whether you are  a  casual swimmer or a competitive swimmer and you need swim plugs to protect your ears from water our  molded swim plugs come in many colors and can be floatable and have a cord.  All of our swim molds can be designed with your input.

Assistive Listening Devices- Many with hearing loss may need additional help.  We have a selection of assistive listening devices and can help you determine what device would be best for your needs.  Many of the newer hearing aids also have devices that can be purchased separately for watching television and adjusting hearing aids remotely.


There are many different sizes of hearing aids available today.  When considering a new hearing aid it is a good idea to decide which size you would be more willing to wear.  Cosmetics can be very important to some and as long as your hearing loss and size of hearing aid is compatible we will try to help you find something that fits you and your lifestyle.   As you can see in the slide show above there are many sizes to choose from.  All of the different sizes come in a wide range of technology choices.

We only work with manufacturers that provide the highest quality hearing aids and stand behind their products;

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